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More about Energy Innovators and Home Energy Audits in the Poolesville area.

Energy Innovators

Imagine a car that runs on free gas and emits almost no carbon pollution! Well Boyds resident George Phelps already is. Check out Turning Grease into Fuel, the first of our films documenting the work of local energy innovators:

In this film, Montgomery College Students Ariana Alvarado, Raissa Wadjas, Hakan Cece and Netsanet Tefera show how George runs his cars on vegetable grease from local Poolesville area restaurants. It’s easy, if you have a diesel car. He got started by using a conversion kit for his car from greasecar.com. George collects and filters the grease, and then adds it straight into a separate tank in the trunk of his car. The restaurants get free waste disposal, George gets free fuel, and we all get cleaner air.

Some interesting facts we learned from George: Rudolf Diesel, the 19th Century inventor of the diesel engine, ran his first diesel engine on peanut oil! And, in case you were wondering, George’s car gets the same miles per gallon with grease as it does with diesel fuel.

Home Energy Audits and Upgrades

A home energy audit is the first step in making your home more efficient. Simple steps such as adding insulation in your attic or weather stripping your doors will help keep your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and save you money. Now is a great time for energy upgrades.

Remember also that an audit may reveal some surprisingly simple ways to keep your home more comfortable. By using a thermal imaging device, participants at the Poolesville Green Energy Audit Party in January 2011 saw that on the air around windows with the shades up was twelve degrees colder than with the shades down on that particular night.

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